Mike's Pots



Here are all the dishes in the reference collection

Oven dish

Erica Lowe
6cm x 27.5cm

Large wood fired salt glazed dish

Micki Schloessingk
33.5cm x 7cm

Shallow dish decorated by Ray Finch

Winchcombe Pottery
28cm x 5.5cm

Slipware dish

Michael Cardew
10cm x 47cm

Slipware dish

David Leach
5cm x 40.5cm

Small slipware dish

Winchcombe Pottery
14cm x 10cm

Richard Batterham large shallow dish

Richard Batterham
8cm x 36.5cm

Leach Pottery old standard ware individual butter dish

Leach Pottery
3.5cm x 8.5cm

David Leach slipware dish

David Leach

Eddie Hopkins Pie Dish

Eddie Hopkins
19.5cm x 9.5cm

Leach Pottery Hors dOeuvre Set

Leach Pottery
57cm x 12.5cm

Geoffrey Whiting small plate

Geoffrey Whiting
15.5cm x 2cm

Leach Pottery dish

Leach Pottery
12cm x 2.5cm

Small stoneware dish.

penzance Pottery
11.5cm. x 2.5cm.

Small egg baker

Aylesford Pottery
16cm x 5cm