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 Pot Sales

Pot Sales

If you are interested in a pot that is not sold or reserved please email me at . I will be happy to provide more images and information.

Please be aware that the pots are only available to the U.K.


WP2. Pair of Winchcombe Pottery goblets
Height: 14cm - £32

Winchcombe Pottery slipware dish £40

WP1. Winchcombe Pottery early slipware dish
14cm x 10cm - £40

JJ1. John Jelfs - Storage jar
Height: 21cm Capacity: 2.4Lt - £85

MdT1. Marianne de Trey dish
Width: 37cm - £75

DE1. David Eeles - Cider Jar
Height 32cm - £45

LP8. Leach Pottery sauce boat
(old standard ware, stamped England)
Width 16.5cm - £15

MD1. Mike Dodd bottle
Height: 19cm - £70 RESERVED

LP1. Lowerdown Pottery - Foxglove Jug
Height 12.5cm - £15 £12

MGR1. Mark Griffiths - Ash glazed teapot and Yunomi set
Height of Teapot: 19cm, Height of yunomi: 8cm - £120

MU1. Muchelney Pottery jug
Height: 15cm - £25

WP5. Matt Grimmitt at Winchcombe Pottery - Small Slipware flagon, dated 2014
Height 13cm - £18

CP1. Colin Pearson - Early lidded jar
Height 24cm - £140 £120

LEA1. Old Standard Ware Jug
Height 19.5cm - £35

WP6. Winchcombe Pottery - Tankard
Height 13cm - £12

LP2. Lowerdown Pottery - Tiny bowl
Width: 11cm - £5