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 Book Sales

Book Sales

Here are a few pottery books that I hope will be of interest. All are secondhand, some are like new, you can click on a book for more details.

If you are interested in a book please get in touch via .

Please be aware that the books are only available to the U.K.

Michael Cardew - Essays

Michael Cardew - Essays
Crafts Advisory Committee

Chris Carter - Just Pots

Just Pots - Chris Carter
Stuart Dickens

Michael Cardew by Garth Clark

Michael Cardew
Garth Clark

Japanese Pottery

Japanese Pottery
Soame Jenyns

Hans Coper by Tony Birks

Hans Coper
Tony Birks

Warren Mackenzie - American Potter by David Lewis (Softback)

Warren Mackenzie - An American Potter
David Lewis - Softback

Anne Mette Hjortshoj - Goldmark Exhibition Catalogue

Anne-Mette Hjørtshoj

Coiled Pottery by Betty Blandino

Coiled Pottery
Betty Blandino

Jason Wason

Jason Wason
Austin Desmond

Hans & Birgitte Borjeson

Hans & Birgitte Borjeson

Searching for Beauty by Richard Jacobs

Searching for Beauty
Richard Jacobs

Lucie Rie Galerie Besson 2002

Lucie Rie 2002
Gallerie Besson

Simon Leach Pottery Handbook

Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook
Simon Leach

The Way of Raku by Christine Herrman

The Way of Raku
Christa-Maria Herrman

Potfest in the Pens X10

Potfest in the Pens X10

Tom Marsh - Twenty Three Years In Clay

Tom Marsh - Twenty Three Years of Clay
Wendell Berry